St John’s College Campus Development

Stage One Indoor Sports Complex



The Board of Trustees is excited to announce that construction on a new indoor sports complex will begin in Term One 2018. The drawings shown here detail a new sports and events facility that is twice the size of our current gym with an international scale basketball court and bleacher seating. The complex includes classrooms, weights room, offices and storage space for our PE, Sports and Athlete Development faculties, making this a spacious and modern sports hub for our students and community. This complex will also enable our full school to gather together for assembly, for Mass and for large events and celebrations.

This indoor sports complex is the first stage in an ambitious development and expansion of the St John’s College campus. Bishop Steve Lowe as the Proprietor of our school has committed to investing significant funds to extend, modernize and redevelop our existing facilities so that St John’s College can continue to provide a first class education for young Catholic men into the future. We’ll let you know more about these further developments as decisions are made.

Our young men deserve the very best facilities we can offer. Our new sports complex and subsequent developments will position St John’s College as a premier boys school within both the Waikato and within the Marist family of schools across New Zealand. There is much work ahead of us and there will be challenges along the way, but we are delighted to be on this journey. St John’s College has an outstanding reputation for preparing young men for all walks of life – and the Board is committed to ensuring that they provide the Principal, staff and students with an environment that facilitates excellence.

Keep an eye on this page and on our Facebook posts and we’ll keep you up to date as construction schedules firm up and further developments are finalized. Exciting times!