Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care of our St John’s College boys begins while they are still Year 8s, with an Orientation Day in November.

This transition to college continues with their Induction during the first two days of school at the end of January each year. The Induction programme, led by the Year 12 Tuakana (older brothers) in small groups, helps new students to learn the values and traditions of St John’s College while establishing a sense of belonging and connectedness with their peers. This assists the new boys to quickly settle into the academic environment of the classroom.

We achieve presence to each student’s needs through the network of:

  • The Form teacher: who sees the boys every day, and is encouraged to really get to know each student in their Form Class. Ideally, each boy will have the same Form teacher throughout their time at St John’s. Each boy also has at least one Tuakana from induction in his Form class to continue that network of support.
  • The Year Level Dean: takes care of discipline when necessary, and takes a special interest in the welfare of the students under their care. Students’ wellbeing is monitored to help every student to do his best.
  • Two Guidance Counsellors: to talk and plan how struggles in class, with peers, family, or self might be minimised so that the individual can best reach his potential. Confidentiality is ensured. 

In line with the school's Marist values, the practice of reconciliation is often used where there has been a break-down of relationship between peers. The counsellors are a part of the Orientation and Induction process for new students, as well as leading the Peer Support Program for Year 12 students.

Parents are welcome to contact a counsellor if they have a concern regarding their son: Mr Brian Sparrow or Mrs Carolyn Morris.


St John's College is one of only a few schools to receive an International Education Excellence Award from the New Zealand Government for its high pastoral care of international students.

St John's College has also agreed to observe and be bound by the Code of Practice for the pastoral care of international students published by the Ministry of Education. Copies of the Code are available on request from St John's College or from the New Zealand Ministry of Education website.