St John's College (Hamilton) Foundation Trust

The St John's College (Hamilton) Foundation was formed in 1999. Its major focus is the overall advancement and development of St John's College, working closely in conjunction with the Principal and the St John's College Board of Trustees.

Our vision, in conjunction with the St John's community, is to firmly re-establish the vision and philosophy of the Marist tradition and charism. The philosophy installed in our St John's College education gives our students a distinct advantage throughout their lives.

The St John's College (Hamilton) Foundation's core objective is to maximise private resources for the College so that we can expand on the last six decades of excellence. This will mean that our young men will continue to be taught in an environment that develops their own unique individual abilities and develops a deep respect for intellectual, spiritual and cultural values.

The St John's College (Hamilton) Foundation seeks out new opportunities to maximise private resources for St John's. A core goal is the continued growth of the Foundation's endowment. The focus of this endowment is to generate resources that can be used to advance the College's educational mission.