School Hours

Students start at 8:45am each day, and finish at 3:10pm.

   Normal school day

Bell times:

8:45am 9:00am Form Time 
9:00am 9:55am Period 1 
10:00am 10:55 Period 2
10:55 11:20am

Break 1

11:25am 12:25pm Period 3
12:30pm 1:25pm Period 4
1:25pm 2:05pm

Break 2

2:10pm 3:10pm Period 5


On Wednesday mornings the times are usually changed to allow for optional Mass.  

Students who are not attending Mass go to Form Time as usual.

8:45am 9:25am Period 1
9:30am 10:10am Period 2
10:15am 10:55am Mass / Form Time