St John's College Teaching Staff



Mr S Tong, MA(Hons), PGCert, DipTchg 


Deputy Principals

Mr D Tester BSc (Hons), PGCE, NPQH 

Mr D Kay, BPHED, Dip Tchg 


Director of Religious Studies

Mrs S Maree, BEd(Prim), Dip Remedial Ed Year 13 Dean 



Mr B Sparrow, BSocSci, DipEd., Guid, MNZAC 

Mrs C Morris, BA Eng, Educ Masters School Counselling, MNZAC 


Teaching Staff

Mr S Andrew, AdvTradeCert. Dip.Tchg, Materials Technology, HOF Technology

Mr M Anderson, BA(Hons), Dip(TEFL/TESL), BApplBMgmt, Grad Dip Tchg, English and Social Studies

Mr P Ardern, BA. B.Tchg, English, Year 11 Dean

Mr M Barr,  Maths

Mr M Bormans, BA, Dip Humanities, Religious Education, Year 12 Dean

Mr J Bull, BSc, Dip Tchg, TIC Physics

Mr S Cullen-Wright, BSocSci (Hons), Grad Dip Tchg, Assistant HOF Social Sciences

Mrs P Curran, Junior Food Technology

Mrs S Derecourt  BA (Hons); Grad Dip Tchg; Post Grad Dip Education.  Spanish

Mr B Edmondson, BEG(Hons), Grad Dip Tchg

Mrs S Fairweather, BSc. Env. Science, DipTchg, HND (UK) Environmental Mngt.

Mr K Frewen, BComm, DipCompEd, Assistant Director of Religious Studies

Mrs S Gardner B.SocSci, Dip Tchg (Sec), Post Grad Dip Special Needs, Special Needs Co-ordinator

Mr J Gee, BSocSci, Dip. Tchg., TIC Horticulture, Specialist Classroom Teacher

Mrs N Gelston, BMLS, Grad Dip Tchg, Science, Biology

Ms S Gordon, MSoc Sci Hons, Dip RE, Dip Tchg, Geography and Social Studies

Mrs S Gray, Trade Cert Eng,Grad Dip Tchg, TIC Digital Technologies

Miss F Greenwood, BFineArts, DipTchg, Visual Arts

Mr J Harris, BSc, Grad DipTchg, HOF Maths, Dean of Pasifika Students

Mr S Healy, BSoc Sci, Dip Tchg, Economics and Business Studies,  HOF Social Sciences

Mr A Holden,  Technology

Mrs A Horrack, MSc (Hons), DipTchg, Science, Chemistry, Assistant HOF Science

Mr D Hudson,  TIC Maori

Ms R Hutchinson  BA/LLB DipTchg, MEd Leadership HOF Languages

Mr K Jackways, BSport & Ex.Sci, DipTchg, Physical Education and Mathematics

Ms S Jonas, Maths

Mr J Kelly, BLS, BTchg, Physical Education and Health, Dean of Maori Students

Ms H Lewis, BSocSci, DipTchg, Assistant HOF English

Ms D Lyons, BA, BSocSci (Hons), Grad Dip Tchg, English, TIC Media Studies

Mr B Masom, B.Sc., Dip Tchg. Science

Mr M McGowan  Grad Dip Tchg. Technology

Mrs D McHugh, Head of Music

Mr W McNamara, BA, Grad DipTchg, Adv Trade Cert, Social Studies, TIC Tourism & Hospitality

Mr H Miller, BSport, DipTchg, Assistant HOF Physical Education

Mr T Mitchell, TradeCert, Electrical Tech "A" Paper, Grad Dip Eng, Grad Dip Tchg, Design and Visual Communication (Graphics) and Materials Technology

Mrs L Myburgh, HDE Home Economics, Food Technology and Hospitality

Mr T Neil, BSport & Ex.Sci, Grad DipTchg, Physical Education and Social Studies, Year 9 Dean

Mr A Parr, BPSA, Grad Dip Tchg, Drama

Mr M Plant, BSc, Grad Dip Tchg, Assistant HOF Mathematics

Mr H Prasad, BScm PGCE-Mathematics, Mathematics

Miss S Quinnell, BA, BTchg, English, Careers Advisor, HOF Careers, Gateway and STAR

Mr J Robinson, BLS, Dip Tchg, HOF Phys Educ.

Mr T Sadumiano,  BMS, Grad Dip Tchg. Maths

Mr D Stark, MA Hons, Dip Tchg, Dip Bus.French, Dipl Hisp. St. HOD ESOL, Dean of International Students

Mr A Sykes, BA Hons, Grad Dip Tchg, Geography and Social Studies  Year 10 Dean

Mr P Tennant, BA, BEd, HDE Cert TESOL, Classical Studies and Religious Education

Mr D Tierney, BA, MSc Ed, M.Ed. (Leadership), English, Year 13 Dean

Mr S Tsai, BSc, Grad Dip Tchg. Science

Dr T van der Nest, PhD, MTM, NND, HDE, Dip RE, BTech, M-Tech, M-RE, HOF Religious Education

Mr S Wood, JP, BSc, BA Hons, DipTchg, DipSci, HOF Science

Mrs D Young, BEd, DipTchg, Art and English

Administration Staff

Business Manager: Mrs V Fabling

Principal's Personal Assistant: Mrs C Jowsey

Receptionist: Mrs K Tanner Jones

Finance Administrator: Mrs D Murphy

Librarian :  Mrs L Grigsby

Director of Sports: Mr R Overmayer

Sports Assistant: Mrs M Bezzant

Attendance Officer/Student Services Administrator: Mrs S Petrin

Gateway Co-ordinator: Ms D Nicholson

Caretaker: Mr R Brooks

Groundskeeper: Mr B Brown

Grounds Labourer:  Mr H Cooper



Information Technology: Mr S Burton, MCP, MSDST, CCNA

Science: Mrs M Ramsay


Performing Art Tutors

Mr R Boyce - Irish Ceilidh Group

Mr N Aish - Guitar and Guitar Groups

Mr A Hayward - Drum Kit and Percussion Groups

Mr C Nation - Strings and Orchestra

Ms J Tankersley - Choir Director and College Choral Programme

Mr S Stanbridge - Music Director, Concert Wind and Symphonic Band

Allmusic Guitar Tuition (Mr Stu Edwards) - specialist private Guitar tuition

Mr A Grady - specialist private Drum Kit tuition (one-on-one tuition)

Mrs M Wahrlich - specialist private Piano and Keyboard tuition

Mr Nathan Bregmen - specialist private Drum Kit tuition (small groups)


Learning Assistance

Mr J. Abbott

Ms L Cheng, Cert Tchr Aide Skills

Mrs M Mason, Cert Tech

Mrs T Hockey, BEd Dip Tchg (Prim)

Mr J Wetere

Mrs T Wharehinga

Mrs A Sopers,  LA & Homestay Co-ordinator

Mr D. Sanft