This haka was composed to help support our boys in their journey to seek out who they are and where they come from. We recognize our local iwi of Waikato in the first instance with the renowned whakatauki relating to the mana of the Waikato people. At every bend of the Waikato river there once lived a taniwha – a metaphor for a chief. It was a great acknowledgement of his mana to be compared to a taniwha. We then remember the founder of our school St John. The eagle on our school crest represents him. We liken ourselves to him as we soar to the peak of our lofty mountains to obtain our goals. We strive to follow in his footsteps that he has laid for us in truth, righteousness and in the Catholic faith. We conclude by offering a warning that we come to succeed.


Hato Hoani St John's

Kia hiwa ra x2

He ope whakapono kei te heke mai
Kia tū - Kia oho - Kia Mataara!

Be alert!
The faithful approaches
Awaken your senses, stand strong

Ko wai rā x2

Waikato taniwha rau e ngunguru nei
He piko he taniwha e x2

Who we are?

Waikato of many taniwha (chiefs)
At every bend a taniwha (chief)

Ko wai rā te tangata?

Hato Hoani

Who is our founder?

St John

Whakahuatia ake

Ēkara piki ake kake ake
rere atu ki toku maunga rangatira


We are the Eagle that soars to the peak of our chiefly mountain


Tāna huarahi i te pono, te tika, te hāhi

We tread his path he laid for us in truth,
righteousness and the Catholic faith

Ahakoa kia tūpato!

Kia tūpato rā
He kōtahi nō Hato Hoani ka ripo te moana e

Despite this I warn you

Be very warned
It only takes one from Hato Hoani to ripple the ocean

Hato Hoani

Mō ake, ake tonu atu e

St John’s

For ever more