Years 9 and 10

The Junior Programme has two basic goals. The first is to build on language skills developed in both Primary and Intermediate Schools. The second goal is to enable students to follow a developing programme which prepares them for NCEA in Year 11.

The English Programme has as its reference point with Junior Classes, Achievement Objectives set at Levels 3 to 5 of The New Zealand Curriculum.

Asttle Testing is done prior to students entering Year 9. This means that students will have a profile in both Reading and Writing when they commence their secondary schooling. The Asttle Testing enables the English Department to identify both strengths and weaknesses in individual students. The consequence of this is that some students will be eligible for ‘Communication English’ classes where reading and writing skills are the focus. Some students may also be allocated the services of Teacher-Aides in the classroom, to reinforce the lesson content of the teacher.

The Junior Programme covers a range of topics from Research, to both literature and cinema study. The ever changing world of technology is also reflected in programme content.

In Year 10, the primary aim is to prepare students for NCEA when they enter Year 11. This means that already, the skills they will need in the NCEA Level 1 English courses are being nurtured and developed. These skills cover the spectrum of oral language, written language and visual language.

Years 11 to 13

The Senior programme covers NCEA Levels 1-3. Students who enter Level 1 are placed in classes suited to their ability levels which have been identified in Year 10 assessments and in the end of year exam. There are two programmes running in Year 11, two in Year 12 and two in Year 13.

  Year 11    

NCEA Level 1 Internal and External Achievement Standards

NCEA Level 1 Internal Achievement Standards

  Year 12

NCEA Level 2 Internal and External Achievement Standards

NCEA Level 2 Internal Achievement Standards

  Year 13

NCEA Level 3 Internal and External Achievement Standards

NCEA Level 3 Internal Standards

All senior programmes cover the three strands of: oral language, written language and visual language. The course content is appropriate to each year level and is stimulating and innovative.

The senior courses prepare students for either tertiary level education or for potential career paths.