Supporting our Young Men to secure success

Ensuring that all of our young men are prepared for their NCEA is a key role undertaken by the College.

This year a number of initiatives are being taken to ensure that students are guided through the process of examination preparation and feel supported through each stage.

In addition to the information that they will receive through assemblies and discussions with teachers we have put together these resources to ensure that all students are in a position to take responsibility and secure their potential in the forthcoming externals.

Practice Exams

Senior exam week will commence on Monday 26 August. It is important that students prepare themselves fully for these examinations - if you are ill/unable to sit one of your externals for a medical reason these results will be used to submit a derived grade application (If conditions are met). Students must take these exams seriously and put in the required revision so that they are performing at their target grade. Please make sure that you have READ this information.

NCEA Externals

NZQA have now released the examination timetable for 2020.

Students should be downloading and printing a copy of this for themselves and use the information during term 3 when they are constructing their revision plans.

This year NZQA have made available a great timetable tool for students to access from their Smartphones and tablets, all they need to do is visit the mobile site.

We recognise that for many of our students getting started is the biggest hurdle. Students are encouraged to download the revision planner template to help with their preparation.

We have also put together a 'Revision - What Works' document which all students and parents should read.

NCEA - Securing Success Evening

A video of our presentation is below.

You can download a pdf version of this presentation here.

The learning styles survey can be found here.

Tutorials Programme

This year there will be a number of after school tutorials running specifically to support the completion of internals at Levels 1-3 as well as helping to support students with preparation for externals.

NCEA tutorials Programme


Past Exam Papers

A number of subjects have past external exam papers available for some standards.

These can be found on the NZQA website but are not that easy to find. Click here to go the site where you can enter the subject and Level that you are looking for.

Kamar Portal

Students and parents have access to the Kamar web portal.

They are encouraged to use in order to track NCEA progress as the year progresses.

More information on this can be found on the Parent Portal page.