Faculty of Physical Education & Health

Sports & Health Theory

The Physical Education, Outdoor Education and Health Department provides a wide range of courses. Each course is designed to meet the varying needs of our students and created in consultation with our community to foster an appreciation for the importance, throughout our life span, of regular physical activity, and attending to our mental/ emotional, spiritual, social and physical health needs.

Throughout the year the department is also involved with running numerous events such as Athletic Sports, Swimming Sports and Cross Country.

If you have any questions regarding any sports and health courses, please refer to the options booklets or contact the Head of Faculty of Education and Health, Mr Jason Robinson

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Staff and Responsibilities

Mr Jason Robinson, Head of Faculty

Level 1 Sport Science
Level 1 Core Physical Education
Level 1 Outdoor Education
Year 10 Health
Athlete Development Program

Mr Hayden Miller, Assistant Head of Faculty

Level 3 Sport Science  
Level 3 Outdoor Education

Mr Jacob Kelly

Level 2 Sport Science
Level 2 Core Physical Education 
Year 9 Health

Mr Kyle Jackways

Assistant Teacher Physical Education / Outdoor Education  

Mr Tymon Neil

Assistant Teacher Physical Education / Outdoor Education