Core PE

These courses are compulsory for all St John's students.

Year 9

This course includes a range of large and small ball games and activities, an aquatics block which focuses on snorkelling technique, basic exercise physiology, and fitness testing. Units emphasise fundamental movements, skill acquisition and establishing kinaesthetic awareness. Students can expect to take part in Rugby, Soccer, Hockey, Softball, Basketball and Gymnastics.

Skills include:  Hitting & striking, catching, throwing and kicking, as well as kinaesthetic awareness.

Year 10

Students study a wide range of large and small ball sports and activities including; American Football, Softcross, Tennis and Volleyball. Students will also learn movement and spatial awareness skills within the context of Parkour.  A swim/ surf survival course unit is done in term one which is a combination of practice & theory. There are also two fitness blocks which involve some  exercise physiology, fitness testing and circuit training.

Skills learned include striking, catching, kicking, throwing and spatial awareness. Interpersonal skills. Students will be challenged to create and develop attacking and defensive strategies and apply these in at least two contexts.

Year 11 (11Phe)

Students will study the impact of interpersonal skills on sports performance in team situations, and the factors that influence our personal level of engagement in physical activity within the contexts of Aquatics, and a variety of team sports and racquet sports.

Assessment is three internal standards for a total of 12 credits.

Year 12

This year includes studying how acting socially responsible has benefits for the individual athlete and for the team they are representing. Students will perform a physical activity against the National Standards.

Assessment has been two internal standards for a total of 7 credits, but may increase in 2017 as the number of hours of PE has been increased.