Faculty of Religious Education

"If you want to teach young people, first you must love them. You must love them all equally."  Saint Marcellin Champagnat

"Me ka whakaako tamariki koe, arohaina ratou. Kia kotahi te aroha mo ratou"  Na Saint Marcellin Champagnat

It is an expectation of the Catholic Church in New Zealand that the special character of the school will permeate every aspect of school life as it provides the framework within which the whole school curriculum is to be delivered. Through the teaching of Religious Education at St John’s College we aim to meet each student where he is at with his knowledge and experience of God and develop all students understanding of God through the themes of spirituality, prayer, social justice and the Catholic faith. Jesus Christ models for us how to live and His teachings are central to our Religious Education programme.

Our junior programme is a two year course during which we seek to develop all students understanding of God through the themes of spirituality, prayer, social justice and the Catholic faith. At years 11-13 we provide a full NCEA programme of THREE internally assessed Achievement Standards which contribute 18 credits to NCEA literacy.

Catholicism in New Zealand

In January 1838 three French missionaries sailed up the Hokianga Harbour.Their leader was Bishop Jean Baptiste François Pompallier. Bishop Pompallier was present when the Treaty of Waitangi was first signed. He extracted a promise from Governor William Hobson that all religions would be given equal treatment and that the new administration would respect religious freedom.

The Maori people have maintained their identity in this land.  The people coming from Europe, and more recently from Asia, have not come to a desert. They have come to a land already marked by a rich and ancient heritage, and they are called to respect and foster that heritage as a unique and essential element of the identity of this country. The Maori people in turn are challenged to welcome new settlers and to learn to live in harmony with those who have come here from far away to make here a new home for themselves. All of you are invited to share in this land in peace and in mutual respect. You do this by recognizing the common bond of being members of one human family, created in the image of God and called to see one another as brothers and sisters in Christ. In this way, each culture is given the chance to contribute its talents and resources for the good of all.”

Pope John Paul II, Christchurch, 1986 (CCANZ, n.d)

Under the legislation of the Integration Act of 1971 Catholic schools are required to develop and maintain the Special Character of the school. The role of the Religious Education faculty and its presentation of the New Zealand Catholic Bishop’s Conference’s Understanding Faith Curriculum stands as a major component in maintaining and developing the College’s special character based upon its Marist Charisms. 


The Most Reverend Stephen Lowe DD is our Bishop and our school chaplain is Rev Richard Laurenson.

More information on the diocese and our bishop can be found at http://proudtobecatholic.org.nz/bishop-steve-lowe/

The Head of Religious Education is Mrs Jude Bartram

(email: jbartram@stjohns-hamilton.school.nz)