The study of living things

Why do Biology?

Learning Biology will give the students more meaning and relevance to the world around them.

Biological knowledge is vast, constantly being added to using increasingly sophisticated technologies, and frequently being reinterpreted to improve our understanding of the living world.

This makes a fascinating subject that will open student minds to new ideas in genetics, genetic engineering, gene therapy, plant and animal biology, ecology, how humans impact on the environment and human evolution.

The courses involve a good mix of theoretical, practical and outdoor educational opportunities.

Where does Biology lead?

Doing Biology in the senior school will give students a broad knowledge base that will lead them into health sciences, agricultural science, conservation, food technology, education and more.


Our Biology courses are in NCEA Level 2 (mostly Year 12 students) and NCEA Level 3 and 4 (Scholarship) for Year 13 students.

To take Level 2 Biology students must have completed a successful year of Level 1 Science.

To take Level 3 Biology they have to have completed a successful year of Level 2 Biology.

Suitable students will be encouraged to apply for Scholarship Biology early in the first term of the year and will receive extra tuition to help them with this course.