The study of substances 

Why study Chemistry?

Chemistry is the study of matter: what it is made up of, what it is like and the way it can change in chemical reactions and processes.

Where does Chemistry lead?

Even a basic understanding of the world around us from a chemical point of view can help us understand more about the substances we come into contact with daily.

The study of Chemistry can lead employment opportunities in a wide range of interesting careers in the fields of medicine, veterinary science, food technology, sports, forensics, agriculture, engineering and many others.


Our Chemistry courses are in NCEA Level 2 (mostly Year 12 students) and NCEA Level 3 and 4 (Scholarship) for Year 13 students.

To take Level 2 Chemistry students must have completed a successful year of Level 1 Science.

To take Level 3 Chemistry they have to have completed a successful year of Level 2 Chemistry.

Suitable students will be encouraged to apply for Scholarship Chemistry early in the first term of the year and will receive extra tuition to help them with this course.