The study of Energy and Motion

Why do Physics?

Physics is the science that attempts to describe our world, so that the student of Physics should find everyday activities interesting by looking for relationships between various events.

Developments in the sciences are changing our world, the way we live in it and the way we look at it.  An understanding of the basic concepts of Physics is useful to understand the world we live in.

Where does Physics lead?

For students interested in following a career in any of the sciences, including health sciences, Physics forms an essential background in understanding the use of technology.

New Zealand manufacturers are increasingly recognising the need to be more innovative, and inventive ideas spring naturally from those with a fundamentally broad background in the sciences. 

Our Physics courses aim to provide the necessary information and practical exercises that will lead naturally to the development of these skills.


Our Physics courses are in NCEA Level 2 (mostly Year 12 students) and NCEA Level 3 and 4 (Scholarship) for Year 13 students.

To take Level 2 Physics students must have completed a successful year of Level 1 Science.

To take Level 3 Physics they have to have completed a successful year of Level 2 Physics.

Suitable students are encouraged to apply for Scholarship Physics early in the first term of the year and will receive extra tuition to help them with this course.