Vocational Programmes

St John's College offers a range of vocational opportunities for boys, both those of an academic bent and those more practically inclined.

We have a Careers Adviser, Miss Sarah Quinnell, who can advise on which courses should be taken for various careers. She also organises Tertiary Scholarships for those wishing to continue their studies after school.

The Gateway programme organises work placements and unit standards applicable to the workplace.  Unit standards are completed in addition to subject work.  The Gateway Co-Ordinator is Mrs Jillian Stone.

For those in the Years 12 and 13 there is also the Senior Careers Academy, which combines work experience with school work.

  Year 11 - J.C.1 class
  Year 12 - J.C.2 class
  Year 13 - Senior Careers Academy
Entry is by invitation, based on school performance and discussion with student and family at the end of Year 10.
  Priority Goals:

NCEA Level 1



Identification of work interests

Access to STAR courses
  Priority Goals:
Complete NCEA Level 1
(if required)
NCEA Level 2
Introduction to work experience options
Access to STAR courses
(credit courses)
  Priority Goals:
Complete NCEA Level 2
Work experience two days/week
Priority access to STAR vocational preparation courses.
Job search
CV preparation