Senior Careers Academy

This course is designed for students from Years 12 and 13 who are in their last year at St John’s College and who are looking seriously at Training and Employment opportunities.

Students spend three days in school (Mon, Tues, and Wed) in a Unit Standard course and two days (Thurs and Fri) on work experience through the St John’s College Gateway Programme.

The Academy course programme involves exploring career options, developing job search skills, and job application skills and material. It also offers the opportunity for students to further their numeracy and communication skills. Opportunities are available for Academy students to attend STAR courses and to begin some of the pre-trade units in their chosen career, as part of the Gateway programme.



Credits: up to 45, predominantly Level 2 and above

Entry Criteria: Student and Family have an  interview with Course organiser. Work Experience is organised by the family.

Cost: Nil

University Approved: No