Gateway Programme

Gateway is not a work experience programme, nor is it a programme for underachievers. It is a programme designed to assist schools to make learning relevant to the needs of all students, and to ensure that young people have a smooth transition from school to work.

It is offered to all Year 12 and 13 students, either as an option subject (i.e. replacing another subject) or as an extra on top of the usual subjects. 


Gateway as an Option Subject

This programme opens a new pathway from school to the workforce for our senior boys. It is a great opportunity to blend school study with workplace learning. 

Students identify an industry they are interested in and spend one day per week for a period of time in a work placement with an employer. Gateway class time is used to work on individual learning plans which will include Workplace Health and Safety, Work and Study Skills, Interpersonal Communications and Industry Related Standards. These standards are assessed both at school and the workplace and credits achieved go towards school NCEA qualifications and NZQA industry standards qualifications.

Time is also made available to catch up on work missed in other subjects while out on work placements.

Radio Broadcasting

Gateway is ideally suited to students who know what they want to do when they leave school, and are looking for experience in the work place. The programme also gives students' opportunities to try out potential careers before committing to full time work or training.

Students have worked in a wide range of professions and trades since Gateway has been provided for at St John's College. These have included automotive, aviation, building and copnstruction, quantity surveying, building draughting, electrical, farming, plumbing, radio, hospitality, education and sport to name a few pathways.

The Gateway programme organises work placements and unit standards applicable to the workplace.  Unit standards are completed in addition to subject work.  The Gateway Co-Ordinator is Mrs Erin Tristram.


  Year 11 - J.C.1 class
  Year 12 - J.C.2 class
  Years 12 & 13 - Gateway

Entry is by invitation, based on school performance and discussion with student and family at the end of Year 10.



  Priority Goals:

NCEA Level 1



Identification of work interests

Access to STAR courses
  Priority Goals:
Complete NCEA Level 1
(if required)
NCEA Level 2
Introduction to work experience options
Access to STAR courses
(credit courses)
  Priority Goals:
Complete NCEA Level 2
Work experience two days/week
Priority access to STAR vocational preparation courses.
Job search
CV preparation

Mainstream Students

This programme requires students to manage a Gateway work placement and complete a minimum of 10 unit standard credits in addition to their normal course of 5 or 6 subjects.

Dairy Farming Student


  • A realistic insight into working life and real work experience
  • An understanding of available opportunities and possible future career prospects
  • Placements could lead to an apprenticeship or work opportunity
  • Gain workplace confidence by applying theory and practical skills learned in the workplace
  • Practical work experience (Highly valued by employers).
  • Credit achievement towards National Qualifications and NCEA.
    Aeromotive Maintenance


Success Stories

Reece was one of our former students who did Year 12 Technology then went into an apprenticeship, helped because he had a headstart as part of the Gateway programme.  View here.