2016/7 Fees


Diocese of Hamilton


Attendance Dues

$852 p.a. or $213 per term

Special Character Levy

This levy is invoiced directly from the Diocese and is for repayment of loans for capital development.

$20 p.a. with a maximum of $60 per family.


St John's College

School Donation

$450 p.a., with a reduction for families.

Building Donation

$250 p.a. per family.

Miscellaneous for All Students

College Magazine ($25), PTFA Donation ($10), ID Card ($5)


Year 11           $20

Year 12           $20

Year 13           $30

Subject Costs

Depending on courses taken. Please see our options booklets for further details.

Workbooks are purchased from the College Office at the start of Term 1. 

Year 10 Camp (December)

$100 - $700 depending on chosen camp.

Year 9 Activities Week (December)

$110 maximum.

Extra Curricular Sport

These are set and administered by the Sport Club in each code. Each season will usually start with an enrolment and registration day. Charges are payable BEFORE the student is able to play the desired sport.



Every year the College offers scholarships, either directly or through the Grace Family Trust.