School Uniform

Uniform is to be worn correctly to and from school. 

Changeover into the winter uniform is the beginning of Term 2. Winter Uniform changes over into summer uniform after Labour Weekend.

All uniform items are available at NZ Uniforms, corner Tristram Street & Rostrevor St, or you can view and order at their shop online .



Second Hand Uniform

The PTFA helps the College to sell Second Hand Uniform. 

Summer Uniform:  

Years 9 to 12

College shirt and College Shorts (same shorts are worn for summer & winter). 
College Blue Jersey or College jacket with embroidered monogram. 
Plain brown or black sandals with heel strap worn correctly or black leather nuggetable lace up school shoes with College socks.

Year 13

College short-sleeved white shirt, College navy blue shorts.
Black or brown plain sandals with heel strap worn correctly or black leather nuggetable lace up school shoes with College socks.

Please note that blazers can be hired for the year at a cost of $100. $50 of this is a bond that will be returned upon the return of a dry cleaned blazer.

Winter Uniform

Years 9 to 12

College shirt and College trousers or shorts, College jersey or College jacket.   
Black leather nuggetable lace up school shoes with College socks or plain black or brown sandals with heel strap worn correctly.  If wearing trousers then black socks.

Year 13 and No. 1 Uniform

Navy blue College trousers.
College white shirt and College tie.
College blazer.
Black leather nuggetable lace up shoes with college socks, or plain black or brown sandals with heel strap worn correctly.


Physical Education Uniform

The Physical Education uniform for both summer and winter is as follows:
Years  9-11 (Core PE):  Royal blue and gold St John’s College T-shirt and St John’s College shorts.
Years 11-13 (NCEA PE):  Royal blue St John’s College polo shirt and St John’s College shorts.

Sports uniform is purchased at Kukri - see here for details


Personal Appearance

Students are expected to attend College in a clean and tidy uniform, including their shoes. Any rips or tears are to be mended. Students are to be aware of their personal hygiene and are to be clean shaven. No chewing gum is permitted when wearing the College uniform.

Non-regulation jackets, jerseys, hoodies etc are not to be worn with school uniform


Bags are clearly part of uniform appearance and should complement the College uniform. They are to be clearly named. No canvas, denim or camouflage print bags are allowed. Alcohol or tobacco advertising is not permitted on any part of a bag.


Hair is to be clean, tidy and cut above the collar length. Student's fringe should be short enough to ensure hair is above the eye brows when combed straight down. Hair is to be its natural colour and not dyed and there are to be no extreme hair styles including, but not restricted to, mohawk, shaved patterns, braided hair, horse/rats tails, dreadlocks, mullets, ridges and no shorter than a number two. Hair that sticks out from the head more than 6 mm is not permitted.

Sideburns must not extend below the ear lobe.  Hair is not to be tied up or back in any way.  If in doubt, check with the Principal and/or Deputy Principal who have final discretion.  Students are expected to be clean shaven at College - if not they will be required to shave at school.


The only hats that are to be worn with the College uniform is the College cap or bucket hat. The students are encouraged to bring and use their own sun block during the summer months. The P.E. Department also have sun block available.


The College jacket may be worn during school hours and is the only jacket to be worn with the College uniform. The College blazer is worn as part of the No. 1 uniform and is available for hire from Student Services.


A wrist watch, medical bracelet and neck chain that is of religious or cultural significance may be worn. No other items including ear or facial studs, piercings etc; are permitted.


Incorrect Items

The College will ask students to return home until correct uniform can be worn.

All items not permitted at the College, e.g. jewellery, hats, cell phones, electronic games, ipods, memory sticks, MP3s etc are the sole responsibility of the student and will be removed by any staff member and forwarded to the Office. The College does not accept responsibility and therefore is not liable for any such items being stolen or damaged while at school.

Cellphones, iPods, MP3 players etc

These are not to be used during class time, intervals or assemblies for text messaging, calls or listening to music. They should not be visible to staff.

The following procedures will be taken in the event of cell phones, Ipods, MP3 players etc being confiscated.

1  The device is handed into the Office, for students to collect at the end of the day.

2. Parents may be contacted if there are repeat or regular confiscations.