Fees for International Students

All fees are in New Zealand dollars.

   Tuition (one year) $15,000  
  Pastoral Care Fee $1,000  
  Travel & Medical Insurance* $570  
  Enrolment (paid only once) $200  
  Administration (paid only once) $600  
  Orientation & other trips $170  
  NCEA Fees (seniors only) $385  
  School Uniform $850  
  TOTAL TUITION $18,775  
  ACCOMMODATION  (Homestay) $11,500 ($250/week for 46 weeks)









Tuition Fees for your second year is $17,125 (minus the uniform, enrolment & administration charges).

* You can organize your own insurance but the policy we recommend is very comprehensive.

For more details about the fees, please contact the dean of the international students, Mr Donald Stark.