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2015 Waikato Rugby Champions

10th Aug 2015, 7:44am

Bugsy DVD available for purchase

28th Jul 2015, 2:23pm

Latest issue of The Eagle out now

25th Jun 2015, 1:10pm

Louie Vanner wins with great SJC support

13th May 2015, 7:47am

a Waikato Times story

NCEA Fees Financial Assistance

21st Apr 2015, 4:42pm

Easter Liturgy

21st Apr 2015, 4:34pm

Cricket wins Division 1A

3rd Apr 2015, 3:01pm

Six boys win at Central North Island Athletics

16th Mar 2015, 3:15pm

and two more qualify for North Islands

Swimming Sports 2015

4th Mar 2015, 7:43am

Information Evening for 2016 students

27th Feb 2015, 11:28am

Top Economics Scholar Huon Fraser

13th Feb 2015, 7:53am

Two years in a row for St John's!

Sam Cooper gets a contract

8th Feb 2015, 11:28am