Uniform Change

At Saint John’s College we are always looking for opportunities to improve in all that we do. With this in mind the consensus from the board is that it is time to ‘smarten up’ our uniform – we want our boys to look good and wear their uniform with pride.

After consultation with different groups, including parents through the PTFA, from the start of 2014 some new school uniform items will be in place for the Year 9 students. This consists of a new blue shirt, navy shorts (or longs) and navy socks – meaning that the polo and the grey shorts and socks will all be phased out.

The existing jersey will stay, as will the Canterbury jacket that came in this year. These shorts and longs are the same as the Year 13 uniform so will save buying new items in the long run.

These items will compulsory for all Year 9 boys in 2014, and will be phased in for all students over the next two years. The Year 13 already have a different uniform. Therefore all boys will need to be in the new items by the start of 2016. From the start of next year only the new uniform will be available in the New Zealand Uniform shop so if your son is in need of items of the current uniform it is advisable to purchase them this year.

We will not be allowing boys to mix the two uniforms. 

We will post some pictures of these new items as soon as we get samples of the final items. The full uniform is given here.

         Shane Tong, on behalf of the BoT.

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