Parenting Talk

A Taumaranui Dairy farming family travelled 2.5 hours to Hamilton and returned home that night. They said they found the message very worthwhile. Joseph Driessen provided two and a half hours of practical and inspiring tips for parenting in the modern world. It was an enjoyable and enlightening evening.

The messages were easily understood and to the point when it comes to bringing up boys. It was great to see so many parents taking advantage of the opportunity to hear Joseph. The college library was full. Many of the parents present had boys at our Catholic contributing schools and it was promising to see their interest in parenting boys as their sons approach adolescence. Joseph Driessen had many memorable ideas:

                Most parents are doing a pretty good job of parenting

                Homework time and reading time should be built into your day with your family

90% positive coaching and 10% correction

Disobedience is forbidden

Be a good role model to your boy

Male role models

Stay calm when dealing with difficult situations, wait until your son is calm

Positively coach and supervise your boy to contribute to family activities and chores

Thanks to the PTFA for the refreshments after the presentation.

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