Rockquest 2013

Our up and coming rockquest bands have just recently competed in the Waikato Smokfree Rockquest competition at the Clarence Street Theatre, on Sunday 26th May. A lot of practise and hard work has been put in by all three bands and they can be extremely proud of their performance at the competition. The bands débuted at a lunchtime co

ncert in front of the school where they were able to refine their performance skills, and conquer their nerves. The three bands featured are: ‘Project 7’, ‘Class Four’ and ‘Chocolate Milk Homicide’. 

The competition at the Waikato heats was extremely tough and all bands played well. ‘Chocolate Milk Homicide’ made it through to the next competition where ten bands will compete for a placing and to make it through to the nationals. Support ‘Chocolate Milk Homicide’ at the Waikato finals held at Clarence Street Theatre, at 7pm, on 29th of June.

       Chocolate Milk Homicide

        Class Four

             Project 7

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