Shave for a Cure

As a Marist school, St John’s College always strives to contribute fully to the community. Many of our students selflessly volunteered to shave their heads in March to raise money for Shave for a Cure.

This organisation raises money to help those with leukaemia and other blood cancers. St John’s College raised over $5,000 for this great cause and this is exemplary of the character of St John’s students.

Heart Foundation

The special character team at St John’s is thriving and students have been fundraising for the Heart Foundation. On the 27th February, students collected over $700 to help people suffering from heart diseases.


Also in March, the Caritas Challenge was a huge success with around 150 people from Sacred Heart and St John’s coming together in solidarity to raise money, sleep in cardboard boxes and fast from food for 20 hours.

The purpose was to try to understand what life is like for many people of the Solomon Islands and to pray for their lives.

We raised approximately $1,700 for the Solomon Islands.


As it is a time of Lent, we encourage students to turn back to the gospel teachings of Jesus Christ. As a way of showing our beliefs and devotion many students choose to wear a purple ribbon at this special time.

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