Student Leaders 2016

We are very proud to announce the following students who will lead the College this year.  They are a capable and dedicated group of young men, whom we are very privileged to have as our Servant Leaders.

Head Boy

Liam Gilheany-Black

Deputy Head Boys

Carlos Bergonia  and  Liam Coombes-Fabling

Special Character Leaders

Alec Warren and  Michael Lamb

Special Character Team

Jerram Sheehan-Colban, Caleb Hilton, Keegan Fernandes, Daniel Pereira 

Academic Leaders

Luke Mansell and Kyle McDowell

Sports Leaders

Joshua Burgess and Maxwell Stubbs

Cultural Leaders

Luis Boyd and Aldrich Cecilio


Yan Shek Wong (Isaac)


Brooklin Toia


Solomona Malaki

B.o.T. Rep

Bradley Van Rooyen

Learning Support

Nathan Hancock

House Leaders:



Lachlan Bulman and Norman Gomez


Joseph Mar Vuanivono and Ignacio Navarro Maldonado


Cairo Togia, and Luke Hoskin


Liam McGall, and Marcel Koning


Alex Clare, Sean McCarthy, Brandon Kumitau



The students spent an enjoyable couple of days learning more about Marist styles of leadership and undergoing a number of challenges that required good teamwork, planning and organisation.

The Yr 13 students contributed to the success of the Yr 9 BBQ ‘Meet and Greet’ evening.  They provided a friendly welcome, cooked the meat, served drinks and entertained our new lads. 

Mr Tong accompanied the musicians during the Commissioning Mass at the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  A large number of leaders attended the celebration and supported the staff which was greatly appreciated.

We collected our Ashes after attending the Marian School Mass.  The leaders distributed the ashes by visiting each class on their return.

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