Winter Uniform

Students will be required to wear the correct Winter uniform when returning to school on 5 May (term 2). Please purchase the correct shoes during the holidays. 

Below are the various styles of school shoe that may be worn. Please note that soft converse style shoes are not acceptable. Shoes are to be black, hard leather, nuggetable lace-up or slip-on.

The most common shoes worn by our students can be found at Number One Shoes in the School Shoes department. A discount is offered, please see the attached letter.

Uniform detentions will be issued to those students who do not wear their correct uniform.

Any caps, beanies, hoodies, socks etc that are not school uniform will be confiscated.

Hair needs to be short, off the collar and face. It is most encouraging to see students who wear their uniform with pride.

Dominic Tester Deputy Principal

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