Year 9 Activities Week 2013

The timetable is available here (pdf) and at the end of this item.

Planning is well in hand, and a week of fun and new experiences are in store for all our Year 9 young men in the last week of term.

Boys will be told at least the day before which activity they will be participating in on the following day. This is so that they will be prepared for the upcoming activities with appropriate clothing/shoes and attitude. Also, keep an eye on the web site, as any late notices will be put up here.

All boys must be at school to meet with their groups in the designated room at 8:45 am.

              Photos of InZone, Orienteering and Te Reo Kori from previous years

This is a quick break down of the activities on offer this year.

Adventure Waikato

In this activity the boys will be introduced to the pursuit of Caving. They will also be given the choice of either Abseiling down 10 metre cliff or riding one New Zealand’s longest Flying Foxes at 220 metres.

All activities at Adventure Waikato will be led and supervised by qualified instructors.

The boys are reminded to wear appropriate clothing and footwear, a spare/clean set of clothes may also be a good idea. This is a daylong activity so the boys will need to bring lunch and water. There WILL NOT be an opportunity to stop and buy food.

Suggested clothing requirements:-

  • 2 layers on top (caves can get cold) one layer could be a thermal or polyprop.
  • Shorts are suggested for lower body although could have some sort of thermal underneath.
  • Shoes can be anything from light tramping boots to trainers with a reasonable grip.

The boys should also bring a change of clothing for the trip home as they are bound to get dirty!!!!!!!!!!!

Medical Concerns

This is an outdoor activity, and the venue is quite isolated. So if your son has any allergy or breathing issues, we ask that he make sure that the teachers supervising this activity are aware, and your son brings with him any medication that he MAY require.


The Hillcrest Lawn Bowls Club has organised activities and games to introduce the boys to Bowls in a fun way.


This indoor facility allows the boys to express their competitive nature in fun competition of Netball and Football. Who will be Champions of Year 9 Activity Week this year?


Students will have the benefit of being taught compass and map reading skills and much more from some ex-Army men who really know how to get students motivated and enjoying the outdoors. This one is a favourite, every year!

Te Reo Kori/Ki-O-Rahi

In the old NZ Physical Education Curriculum, Te Reo Kori was the Maori component taught in schools. A variety of activities/sports offer students an enriching, culturally important experience.


Here students will have the opportunity to use Hamilton’s premier pool and hydro slide facility with their peers in Year 9.


The SJC R.E. Department has put together a fun and constructive programme designed to allow students to get to know and understand themselves better, to work and relate with both peers and teachers more effectively and put them in touch with their spiritual selves.



All Year 9 students are expected to be at school during Year 9 Activities Week – it is to be treated like any normal school week. If your son does not show up for one or more of the days, it is the school's responsibility to find out where they are, and your responsibility to cooperate with us in this. Those who fail to show and do not inform the school will be considered to be truanting, unless otherwise explained by you. Thank you for your cooperation with this.

Ms Sandie Gordon, ETOC Coordinator/Year 9 Activities.


Monday Dec. 2

Tuesday Dec. 3

Wednesday Dec. 4

Thursday Dec. 5

9.00am – 11.45am
9.00am – 11.45am

9.00am – 11.45am

9.00am – 11.45am

G1 = Adventure Waikato

G2 = Ki-O-Rahi

G3 = Orienteering

G4 = Adventure Waikato

G5 = Retreat

G6 = Bowls

G1 = Orienteering

G2 = Adventure Waikato

G3 = Ki-O-Rahi

G4 = Bowls

G5 = Adventure Waikato

G6 = Retreat

G1 = Inzone Sports 

G2 = Inzone Sports 

G3 = Inzone Sports 

G4 = Water-world

G5 = Water-world

G6 = Water-world

G1 = Ki-O-Rahi

G2 = Orienteering

G3 = Adventure Waikato

G4 = Retreat

G5 = Bowls

G6 = Adventure Waikato

12.15pm – 3.00pm

12.15pm –3.00pm

12.15pm –3.00pm

12.15pm – 3.00pm

G1 = Adventure Waikato

G2 = Bowls

G3 = Retreat

G4 = Adventure Waikato

G5 = Orienteering

G6 = Ki-O-Rahi

G1 = Retreat

G2 = Adventure Waikato

G3 = Bowls

G4 = Ki-O-Rahi

G5 = Adventure Waikato

G6 = Orienteering

G1 = Water-world 

G2 = Water-world 

G3 = Water-world 

G4 = Inzone Sports

G5 = Inzone Sports

G6 = Inzone Sports

G1 = Bowls

G2 = Retreat

G3 = Adventure Waikato

G4 = Orienteering

G5 = Ki-O-Rahi

G6 = Adventure Waikato


Group 1

Group Leader: Ms Hinemutu Lewis

Meeting Room: M03 


Group 2

Group Leader: Mr Dennis Hetet

Meeting Room: C06


Group 3

Group Leader: Ms Julie George

Meeting Room: M02


Group 4

Group Leader: Miss Jacqui Wheeler

Meeting Room: M01


Group 5

Group Leader: Mr Mark Plant

Meeting Room: R04


Group 6

Group Leader: Mrs Adele Horrack

Meeting Room: C05

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