Sport is character building. Through sport our students learn that they can achieve much more when they work alongside others, sharing in a common goal.

Most major sports, including basketball, rugby, soccer, hockey, cricket, rowing, tennis and waterpolo are offered, and we also provide for special interest sports such as cycling, sailing, swimming, snow skiing, snow-boarding and golf.

While we play to win, we insist our boys behave properly at all times on and off the field. We insist our boys follow our Code of Conduct below.

Code of Conduct

Coaches' responsibilities

The responsibilities of the Coach are to:

  • Ensure the conduct of all team members and people associated with the team are consistent with the Special Character Policy of the school
  • Establish and communicate team policies to the students, particularly in the game situation
  • Ensure compliance with the Fair Play Charter, which has been adopted by the school
  • Lead by example: especially in regard to practising, co-operation, self-control, respect for others, and proper attitudes in language, dress and behaviour on and off the field
  • Develop and communicate team strategies
  • Attend club committee meetings
  • Coach sport for the development of the individual and the team, enabling the fulfilment of each team and individual's potential
  • Coach to make sport challenging and fun
  • Be honest and consistent
  • Select teams at least three days prior to a game
  • Ensure all players are aware of team selections
  • Undertake regular training sessions
  • Establish a training timetable
  • Utilise coaching opportunities to benefit players and coach's development
  • Ensure suitable players receive nominations for representative teams
  • Allow, as much as possible, all players to receive equal playing time


Team Managers' responsibilities

The responsibilities of the Team Manager are to:

  • Reinforce behaviour consistent with the Special Character Policy of the College
  • In conjunction with the Coach, apply a consistent approach to all matters requiring discipline
  • Communicate to the Sports Co-ordinator disciplinary incidents both in and out of the game situation
  • In conjunction with the Coach, establish and communicate team policies, particularly outside the game situation
  • Distribute to all players a list of contact phone numbers and information on player and parent responsibilities
  • Ensure that all team members are informed of all matters relevant to them as soon as possible
  • Carry and maintain a suitable first aid kit
  • Ensure proper medical attention is available to any injured players
  • Communicate with Parents/Guardians of any injured player and in the case of a serious injury inform the Sports Co-ordinator who will notify the Principal and Director of Sport
  • Be responsible for the teams playing equipment
  • Maintain a team equipment inventory
  • Attend club committee meetings and report on any problems or areas of perceived need
  • Ensure that all players are aware of travel arrangements when playing away
  • Ensure that "transport providers" are fairly compensated for their expenses
  • Maintain a record of the payment of sports charges, and inform players of the consequences of non-payment
  • Maintain a record of team and individual performances for the season


Team Captains' responsibilities

The responsibilities of the Team Captain are to:

  • Lead by example in terms of actions, dress, behaviour, attitudes and fair play
  • Action the Coach's directions on the field
  • Support all St John's College players, both on and off the field
  • Encourage all players to uphold School Rules and fair play principles
  • Liaise with the Coach/Team Manager about any team problems
  • Assist with issuing and collecting equipment
  • Assist with tidying changing rooms and facilities used
  • Assist with players who need transport
  • Fill in the results book every Monday morning
  • Ensure that the team recognises the efforts of Coaches/Managers who give up their time to assist


Players' responsibilities

The responsibilities of the player are to:

  • Fill out a sport Registration Form
  • Pay all sport charges on time
  • Attend all trainings and games, or if this is not possible, inform the Coach, Manager or Team Captain
  • Play the game within the rules and also abide by the principles of fair play
  • Respect opponents, officials and team members
  • Listen to, and follow, Coach's, Manager's and Captain's instructions to the best of your ability
  • Help ensure all equipment and facilities are maintained in good condition
  • Uphold all school rules in terms of uniform and behaviour


Parents' and Caregivers' responsibilities

The responsibilities of parents and caregivers are to:

  • Encourage adherence to school rules and the principles of fair play at all times
  • Respect team and match officials' decisions
  • Support players as much as possible
  • Respect and support all opposition players
  • Support the club committee and all team officials
  • Ensure all sport charges are paid.  In cases of financial hardship, approach the Sports Co-ordinator or Club President 
  • Ensure uniform requirements are met
  • Assist with the provision of transport to and from venues as well as with supervision at games
  • Assist with coaching and officiating if possible
  • Attend the Sports Club AGM
  • Discuss any problems with either team officials, the Sports Co-ordinator or a Club Committee member


Club responsibilities

The responsibilities of the Club are to:

  • Undertake the planning, organisation and control of all extra curricula activities of the chosen sport, as per the constitution of the club
  • Act within school policies and the Special Character of the school at all times
  • Meet the objectives set down in section one of the Statement of Intent
  • Liaise regularly with the School Sports Co-ordinator
  • Hold an AGM at the beginning of each season
  • Prepare a calendar of club events
  • Ensure representation at school Sports Management Committee meetings
  • Be accountable for club finances
  • Prepare a budget for the sport concerned
  • Raise funds to achieve objectives and plans
  • Set sports fees for participants
  • Purchase, store and repair club equipment and uniforms as necessary
  • Maintain an inventory of all equipment held
  • Take responsibility for any curriculum equipment loaned to the club
  • Ensure supervision by appointing Coaches and Team Managers for all teams for the season
  • Ensure all Coaches, Managers, etc are rewarded appropriately for their efforts
  • Follow recognised procedures for away trips
  • Prepare a report for the Annual General Meeting outlining the club's activities and finances
  • Participate in the end of year Sports Prizegiving


College responsibilities

The responsibilities of the college are to:

  • Facilitate the achievement of each club's objectives and plans
  • Employ a Director of Sport and Sports Co-ordinator to liaise with and assist the clubs
  • Provide additional support personnel in the areas of finance and facility maintenance
  • Provide communication channels between the clubs, competition organisers and students
  • Develop appropriate policies relating to the conduct of club activities
  • Consult with sports clubs when developing policies as outlined above
  • Provide some funding for sports activities according to several basic criteria
  • Deal with serious disciplinary matters
  • Ensure the organisation of regular combined Sports Clubs meetings
  • Recognise notable performances and results
  • Prepare a calendar of all events for the year
  • Provide secure, accessible storage for all gear
  • Organise a school sports awards function