Students find and develop their strengths while learning about the wider world 

Young men can choose from a myriad of academic, technological, vocational and sporting subjects, offered within our eight Faculties. Detailed information about subject options can be found in SchoolPoint 

Arts - Visual Arts, Drama and Music allow students to express their creativity

Languages - English, Māori and Spanish, and English as a Second Language hone communication skills and a love of reading

Mathematics - Developing number, measurement, algebra, geometry, statistics and probability skills for problem solving.  At Year 13, Statistics and Calculus are offered

Physical Education & Health - Core PE, Sport Science, Outdoor Education, Athlete Development and Health focus on hauora and wellbeing

Religious Education - Introducing and extending students in spirituality, prayer, social justice and the Catholic faith

Science - Building an understanding of the natural world through Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Electronics and Horticulture 

Social Sciences - Learning how society operates and interacts through Accounting, Economics, Geography, History, and Tourism

Technology -  Hands on learning that creates and builds for the world - Digital Tech, Food & Hospitality, Design & Visual Communication, Materials Tech, Building & Construction