Attendance Dues - Catholic Diocese of Hamilton

Attendance Dues are a compulsory charge by the Catholic Integrated Schools Office.  It is a charge for attendance at an integrated school and is one of the main sources of income for maintenance or upgrade of existing buildings. It is administered and collected by the Hamilton Diocese Office. Dues are not tax deductible. 

The 2022 Attendance Dues for secondary students are $912 per student, and a Special Character Levy of $50 per student.  

Voluntary Contributions / Donations - St John's College

The Board of Trustees requests a voluntary contribution or donation from all families so that all students can access the resources and facilities they deserve. The great majority of families accept the need to make this contribution which benefits all students. Contributions are tax deductible and you will be issued with a receipt.

Learning Contribution Request

This supports the very features of St John’s College that make it attractive to you as a parent:

  • extra teaching and learning support staff (over and above that funded by the government grant). We pride ourselves on having smaller class sizes than many of the alternative schools available to your son.
  • modern technologies that mean students learn in ways that are relevant to them and to their futures.

$600 per year for 1 student. For siblings attending in the same year -  $200/year for each additional sibling.

Building Contribution Request

This is collected on behalf of the Proprietor, the Catholic Diocese of Hamilton. It supports the provision of functional learning facilities on an attractive campus environment. Construction of the new indoor sports complex is an example of this. Our land and buildings are owned by the Catholic Diocese which means that the government funding we receive for continued development of buildings is less than what is provided to state schools. Many families before you have contributed to the Building Fund, and by choosing St John’s College it is now your turn to support these building developments.

$250 per year / per family.