It's inevitable in the life of parenting teenagers, that there will be concerns at some stage during the high school years. 

That's why our pastoral team is here. We can talk with your sons 1:1 about anything from motivation and friendship issues, to talking about a death, a divorce in the family or any other type of loss. Anxiety, low mood/depression, stress, relationship issues: whatever the concern, counsellors are here to listen empathetically, to help a young person reflect and make a plan for change, all with confidentiality assured.

Who are we?

Head Counsellor, Ms. Carolyn Morris, has been at St John's College since 2007. She earned her Master's degree in School Counselling from California State University, and has been a full member of the New Zealand Association of Counsellor's since 2008. Ms. Morris works full-time hours.

Mr. Rob Macdonald is new to St. John’s College in 2021, hailing from Canterbury. He has a wealth of experience as he’s been a trained counsellor since 2003. (Master’s degree in Counselling from the University of Canterbury)   Mr. MacDonald will be available for appointments Wednesday-Friday.

Referral/Contact Details

Students and/or parents can make appointments on their own with the counsellor of their choice in several ways:

  • Email and request an appointment, or ring and leave a message:
  • Make an appointment at Student Services
  • Come to the Counselling rooms in Student Services and make an appointment directly with Ms. Morris or Mr. Macdonald 
  • OR, slip an Appointment Request form under the Counsellor's Office door if they’re not available.