Whānau Classes

We have 2 whānau classes of boys who identify with Māori kaupapa, who meet each morning. The day begins with a himene, a karakia and then we follow basic tikanga (customs). 

The boys can take these tikanga back to their marae so they are comfortable to participate. Rangatahi are grouped in hapū (smaller sub-groups) and given a name of one of the Kingitanga. Each hapū has a rangatira (chief) who leads and guides his group. Each hapū has a responsibility to lead the morning kawa  of our class each week. Our whānau boys lead the teaching of the haka to new students each year. 

Dean of Māori Students

Matua Jacob Kelly is the Dean of Māori Students for St John’s College. He is responsible for the pastoral care of Māori students in consultation with the year level Deans. The Dean of Māori Students focuses on student achievement, attendance and kōrero with whānau regarding student welfare.

For all enquiries regarding Te Ao Māori at St John’s College please contact Matua Jacob Kelly.