We practise regular fire and lockdown drills so that our students know exactly what to do, how to exit and where to gather in the event of an emergency. 

In the event of an emergency, parents will understandably be worried and your first instinct may be to message your son. Here’s some key points for you  all to understand and remember:

  • The Police and/or Fire Service will be notified immediately, and the College will be following their instructions        
  • We will text, email, post to the St John’s Facebook page and post on our website with information as soon as we can, and will keep you updated as new information becomes available. 
  • Students are asked to LIMIT cellphone use to avoid misleading or inaccurate information being posted to public sites; the school reserves the right to collect cellphones to be held by teachers. Do not be alarmed, therefore, if your son does not respond to your messages.
  • Please do NOT come to the College before you are advised to do so – you may place yourself and others in danger. You will be advised when the emergency is over, and arrangements for releasing students if that is necessary.