Level 2 - Kanohi ki te Kanohi
Level 2 - Kanohi ki te Kanohi
We're looking forward to welcoming back all our ākonga and staff on Thursday 9th Sept.

Level 3 has been a long haul for us all, so having our students and staff back together in a face to face teaching environment will feel like a return to normality. It's not quite of course, because there's a number of safety protocols we'll have to observe, but we'll be doing our best to allow students to reconnect with each other and swap their lockdown stories. 

While some students can't wait to get out of home and back with mates, others will be feeling anxious about this change - maybe they're worried about Covid, maybe they're uneasy about how their online learning has gone and nervous about how to catch up. We're ready to help, and students and parents should be reassured that we'll be looking out for all our Marist men to ensure they're doing OK.

A huge thank you to our teaching staff who juggled their own home lives to keep connected with their classes. Thanks to parents who supported, cajoled and encouraged their sons to get stuck in and keep up with their lessons. And thanks to the boys who kept an eye on each other, stayed in touch and honoured the Johnnys brotherhood.

Detailed info about return to school was emailed to all parents on Tuesday 7th September, and can be viewed here.

This article was originally posted on: September, 7th 2021